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Silver Winds Church

Position Description

Silver Winds Church (SWC) is part of the Converge World Wide movement. It is organized under the Converge Great Lakes District (CGL) of which there are approximately 113 churches in Wisconsin and 12 churches in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (UP).

This church is specifically located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, on the north shore of Lake Michigan. Escanaba is the third largest city in the UP. Escanaba is located in what is known as ‘The Banana Belt’ due to the milder climates that are found here. The UP is known nationally for our thick and wild forests, cold and clean lakes (we are situated between 3 of the Great Lakes), and unique culture. Tourists flock in the summer and fall to experience waterfalls, rocky shorelines, fresh air, and miles of untouched woodlands.  Escanaba is situated on Little Bay de Noc which hosts Cabela’s Walleye tournaments. Perch, walleye, trout, salmon, bass, and a myriad of other fish are found in our lakes and rivers.  The area is full of animal life as well, with white tail deer, fox, rabbits, bear, turkeys, and several different birds sharing this land with us. Moose and wolf have taken hold and are increasing in numbers quickly. Though the area may not be an economic boomtown, we are known for our hard work ethic and kind spirits.

Escanaba does have its share of issues and struggles with sin. Drinking and drug use is on the rise. There are a high percentage of single parents and teen pregnancies. Suicide plagues our area, as does an increase in alcohol, drug, and domestic abuse. This area is seeing more single-parent homes led by men, and more behavioral and mental problems. We also have a growing gay and lesbian community. The number of non-profit and or social assistance programs is higher per capita than other communities this size.

The city has worked hard to put our community in position for industrial and population growth. Within the last year many new businesses have come to town, including a Meijer, Starbucks, Aldi’s, a microbrewery, and the most advanced deep-sea port in the Great Lakes. Smaller businesses have started to move into the downtown area, and with grants to revitalize the area, we have seen a new farmer’s market and a well-loved library and art center that hosts many community talks and classes.

Area religious groups include: Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Assembly of God, Baptist, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, and Unitarian Universalists to mention a few.

Basic demographics:  Population in 2014: 12,413 within the city limits, 37,544 in Delta County

Males: 5,729 (46.2%)              Females: 6,684 (53.8%)

Median age: 44.2 yrs.             Michigan Median age 39.7 yrs.

Est. median income (2015):    Escanaba $29,642                   MI: 51,084

Est. house or condo value (2015):      Escanaba: $91,779      MI: $137,500

Median rent in (2015): $529    

SWC was established in 2000 and has transitioned through three locations under one Pastor’s leadership during that time.  The heartbeat of SWC is a small group of believers who desire to have a strong family bond within our church, that gives us a sense of belonging and spiritual health which we want to give back to our families and our community. Our small group self-defines itself as a congregation for those who would not “fit” in the typical church fellowship; we feel comfortable with blue jeans and tee shirts or tie and suit. Our praise team uses a variety of instruments playing a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs.

SWC purchased its current location approximately 12 years ago and is in a land contract. The renovated building is formerly the neighborhood grocery store, with approximately 12,000 sq. ft. The space consists of a nursery, four classrooms and a large, open and inviting gathering/worship space with a capacity of around 100 people. The children’s ministry has a few young families regularly attending.

SWC is seeking an individual with strong Pastoral/leadership skills, which may include restructuring our current vision and leading us into the steps that will be needed to get there.

SWC seeks a Bible focused leader that loves God and His inerrant Word and can help us fall in love with Jesus. He must be capable of applying God’s word to heal broken believers and bringing the lost face-to-face with the Truth that will set them free to experience forgiveness and peace.

This individual needs an unshakable call to this ministry. Though we have many churches in our area, a large section of the public feels church is irrelevant to life in general. The church seems to be losing ground in our community, but SWC feels that God wants to do great things in demolishing strongholds that have had several decades to build.

SWC has a strong core group that tithes well above the national average, and are willing to step up and do what is needed for the cause of Christ and His church. We live in a community of around 13,000, with the majority that are unchurched, have left church, or are under churched; a conservative estimate would be 40 to 45 percent of the public.  An estimated 5,000 members of the public are members at an area church. We have a wide-open field to harvest.

Though we are small we will work hard to give our pastor the best financial package possible, with the understanding if it is not enough this individual may have to raise support or be bi-vocational until our church is large enough to fully support. We offer a church that fills a unique niche in the community, where there are hundreds maybe thousands of lost souls that are looking for someone to bring the Gospel to them. For an involved, passionate pastor there is an opportunity to create and implement a vision, provide strong leadership, develop and implement a program for teaching, mentor our elders and other potential leaders, and provide needed congregational care. This opportunity is in a rural area with friendly people, outstanding natural resources, and a relatively low cost of living.

Interested parties may forward their resumes to

Salary package will be given to final candidates. 



  1. Sermon preparation and sermon articulation for Sunday and Special services.

  2. Provide vision and leadership to the congregation first and secondly to prepare leaders for ministry.

  3. Biblical counselor, to help those who struggle with life’s issues that seems to overwhelm people.

  4. Will need to have set office hours that fit Pastor’s schedule and with consideration to the congregation schedules.








Text Box: CM_6.6.17Indiana Historical Society

Program Development Intern
Job Description

Job Title: Intern, Programs Development

Department: Education and Community Engagement

Reporting Relationship: Coordinator, Public Programs

Part time (20 hours per week) with flexible hours and some weekend and evening time required

Time Period: September 2017 to May 2018

The Indiana Historical Society is Indiana's storyteller, connecting people to the past. We're seeking a Program Development intern to help us envision and create thought provoking and engaging public programs connected to an upcoming exhibit Religion and the Divided Frontier. If you're curious about religion and history, enthusiastic about finding creative ways to share your research, and passionate about community outreach, this might be the internship for you!

Essential Functions

  • Collaborate with staff to conceptualize and develop a guest-centric program series related to Religion and the Divided Frontier exhibit. This includes both family history and public programs.

  • Develop relationships with faith-centric, genealogy, and local history organizations to directly lead to program partnerships.

  • Support ongoing museum programming and educational experiences, as needed.

  • Other duties as assigned.

    Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Fierce researcher, with a penchant for sleuthing out intriguing narratives or sniffing out stories from historical sources

  • Thrives in a team environment and is passionate about sharing your knowledge of history and religion in creative and innovative ways to diverse groups.

  • Enthusiastic and positive personality with demonstrated ability professional demeanor and strong interpersonal skills.

  • Strong communicator and collaborator, both written and verbal. Must be able to communicate consistently and effectively with peers, staff, and partners about progress, questions, and concerns.

  • Ability to work and multi-task with grace in a fast-paced environment.

  • Ability to lift 35 pounds.

  • Savvy computer skills, especially around Microsoft Office suite and basic office equipment. (Incumbent must be able to meet physical requirements with or without reasonable accommodations. Reasonability of requested accommodation is to be determined on a IHS on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the ADA.)


  • Minimum: Working towards a degree in history, religious studies, museum studies, anthropology, education, or closely related field.

  • Preferred: Bachelor's degree in history, religious studies, anthropology, museum studies or closely related field.


Director of Family Ministry

The purpose of Family Ministry at Meridian Street United Methodist Church is to equip families with the opportunities and resources to experience God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ and lead families on a journey which continually strengthens and deepens their relationship with God. In order to accomplish this, guiding principles include:


Partnership of Home and Congregation: Since a child’s faith life is most powerfully influenced by the child’s closest relationships, our congregation works in partnership with the home to create faith-nurturing experiences.


Partnership of Congregation and Neighborhood: We strive to build stronger links through our neighborhood partners, as well as CDI and the Sports Ministry.


Recognition of the 21st Century Family: Family ministry shall be for, with and by people in various family configurations. Our congregation strives to equip parents and youth with the tools necessary to follow Jesus in today’s world.


Discipleship as a Journey: Jesus invites everyone to follow Him. Meridian Street UMC believes this journey is a life-long process. Therefore, people of all ages are invited to participate in faith development through Sunday School, small groups, and the practices of regular worship, prayer, Bible study, and stewardship.


Family Ministry Job Description:

The coordinator will work to nurture and enhance the faith development ministries of the church: providing administrative support to the Youth & Family Ministry Team, coordinating Sunday School and Family Night programs throughout the year, working with volunteers to plan and promote spiritual growth opportunities such as summer camp and VBS, and involving youth in the total life of the church.


Faith Development

  • Provide leadership and program development for all Family ministries

  • Coordinate with the Director of CDI and the Sports Ministry to ensure that they are actively living out the mission and vision of the church

  • Work with the Family Ministry Team to evaluate programs and develop new ways of carrying out tasks

  • Evaluate and select curriculum for faith development (Sunday school, Faith Friends, Bible Buddies, VBS, etc.)

  • Serve as a resource person for volunteers leading special events and activities including faith development, recreational, service, and fellowship opportunities

  • Facilitate intergenerational involvement

  • Be an advocate for children and families

  • Partner with church leadership to live out mission and vision of church


Training of Laity

  • Recruit a diverse team of volunteers from the congregation

  • Promote and support volunteers through regular training and spiritual growth opportunities



  • Communicate with parents and caregivers to invite participation in the Family Ministry of Meridian Street UMC and keep the congregation informed including email, direct mail, telephone calls, Facebook and website updates, announcements in the bulletin, and articles in the monthly newsletter

  • Coordinate planning for camp and retreats

  • Work with Family Ministry Team to develop a budget and retain financial records to account for income and spending for children and family programs

  • Serve as liaison on the CDI board

  • Ensure that Meridian Street is in compliance of our Child Protection Guidelines



  • Family Ministry Team

  • Program Staff Team

  • Staff


Provides Supervision to CDI director and Sports Ministry Director

Reports to Associate Pastor


20 hour per week



Supervised Ministry

 Job Description

Christian Theological Seminary



The purpose of this Supervised Ministry position is to provide the seminary student with a broad range of church experiences as part of his/her seminary training. These experiences are supported 100% of the time by the Pastor, church leaders and members of the congregation of ZionChurch. A true learning experience is provided for the student in an atmosphere that is flexible and open.


Areas of Emphasis:

--Outreach Ministry—the student should accept a leadership role and work with members of the church and Outreach Committee to enhance current community outreach efforts with particular emphasis on reaching out to the downtown Indianapolis community.

--Determine and monitor the most significant needs of the local community to help guide the priorities of community outreach initiatives.

--Lead the development of a comprehensive outreach strategy.


--Christian Education—the student will work with the current Christian Education committee of the church to continue current Christian education efforts including Sunday School, Bible Study and the formation of other spiritual opportunities as needed. Particular emphasis will be on working with the youth of the church.


Other Opportunities for Experience:


--Pastoral visitation—the student will accompany the visitation pastor on one visit to members of the congregation who are in a nursing home, hospital, or are confined to their residence.


--Preaching/Worship—the student will work with the Senior Pastor of the church to participate in the following ways in church services: 1) One sermon, 2) scripture reading in one of the church services, 3) one children’s sermon that is part of the regular worship service, and 4) assisting the pastor in other duties during the worship service.


--Church Governance—the student will attend one monthly Church Board meeting.


--Church Fiancés—the student will meet with the church Treasurer once during the time period of service to understand the finances of the church.


--Student Mentoring—the student will be mentored by the Senior Pastor Jonathan Basile. Meetings will be held once weekly or more often as needed.


--Church Leadership—The Head Pastor and the student will choose two “leaders” of ZionChurch. These are individuals who are not ordained, but who are active in the church and have extensive experience in the church. One meeting will be scheduled with the student, the pastor, and the two leaders from the church. This will give the student a chance to talk with lay people about some of the challenges of leading a church.


Expectations and Required Skills

The most basic expectation is that a student in this supervised ministry role be a spiritual person with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ.  From that commitment all ministry flows.  Each student is unique and should have freedom and encouragement to develop their skills and call to faithfulness. Skills include:

--capacity to work successfully as part of a ministry team with other staff members and elected lay ministry leaders.


            --demonstrated leadership and organizational skills.


--strong interpersonal skills in working with volunteers and people of all ages.


            --excellent oral, written and computer based communication skills.


--a maturity in their faith such that they are comfortable sharing God’s message as needed with the congregation.


--a willingness to learn, be coached, and collaborate in a community of faith.


            --a demonstration of the spiritual gifts of servant hood, compassion and helping.



What the Student Can Expect from ZionChurch

1. Commitment to the Student: As part of this supervised ministry, the Zion Church Board and the Pastor will make a commitment to the student’s role in the congregation. The student will be introduced to the congregation as part of the professional ministerial staff as part of a regular worship service.


2. Hours: The Zion congregation will employ the student an average of 12-15 hours per week (including preparation time), from at least September through May.


3. Salary: $6,000 per year.


4. Ministry Mentor: The current Head Pastor of ZionChurch, Jonathan Basile, will serve as the student’s Ministry Mentor. The student and head pastor will meet in weekly reflection sessions or more frequently as needed so that the student receives four hours each month of direct mentoring and supervision. The Ministry Mentor will prepare an evaluation of the student at the end of each semester and discuss it with the student and with a representative from CTS.


5. Congregational Support: A Ministry Support Committee of leaders within ZionChurch (4-7 adults) will meet with the student monthly to provide support as needed. This committee will work with Christian Theological Seminary and the student on an ongoing basis and will prepare an evaluation of the student’s progress at the end of each semester.

6. Office Space:ZionChurch will provide a place in the current church office for the student to use as office space and an appropriate level of administrative support.


603 N. New Jersey Street

Indianapolis, IN46202

(317) 639-5411



DirectorofNeighborhood Ministries(Hospitality/Events)

The purpose ofNeighborhood Ministries at Meridian Street is to help connect the congregation to the neighborhood as well as strengthen the hospitality ministries of the Church.


While Meridian Street lies in at the crossroads of Butler-Tarkington and Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods a majority of our members do not live in these communities.  For the past 10 years, we have identified the need to be more intentional about our ministry to the neighborhood, but have not been particularly inviting.


Create an Atmosphere of Hospitality: we struggle with the nature of our physical presence which, while is esthetically beautiful, can give the impression of cold and impersonal.  We strive to create a community that is open to all persons, and allow people to grow (and struggle) with their faith. 


Partnership of Congregation and Neighborhood:  We strive to build stronger links through our neighborhood partners, as well as CDI and the Sports Ministry; as well as events and opportunities for us to interact and celebrate our neighborhoods.


DirectorofNeighborhood Ministries(Hospitality/Events) Job Description

The coordinator will work to nurture and enhance the hospitality ministries of the church and championing ministries to Butler-Tarkington and Meridian-Kessler neighborhoods.  Plan and develop a number of special events throughout the year to encourage relationships (JuneFest, My Meridian, Butler Event).  Help assimilate those who are new to the community.



  • Provide leadership and program development for all neighborhood ministries

  • Create opportunities to minister to the neighborhood

  • Champion the cause of the neighborhood


Faith Development

  • Work with program staff to create and implement ministries based on the needs found in the neighbor

  • Disciple the congregation about the need to reach out to the neighborhood

  • Serve as a resource person for volunteers who carry out special events and activities

  • Help guests assimilate into the life of the church

  • Facilitate intergenerational involvement

  • Be an advocate for the neighborhood

  • Partner with church leadership to live out mission and vision of church


Training of Laity

  • Recruit a diverse team of volunteers from the congregation

  • Promote and support volunteers through regular training and spiritual growth opportunities



  • Communicate with the congregation and the neighborhood to invite participation in the ministries of Meridian Street UMC.  Methods can including email, direct mail, telephone calls, Facebook and website updates, announcements in the bulletin, and articles in the monthly newsletter

  • Work with Family Ministry Team to develop a budget and retain financial records to account for income and spending for children and family programs



  • Neighborhood Ministry Team

  • Program Staff Team

  • Staff


Provides Supervision to none

Reports to Associate Pastor


20 hour per week






   St. Christopher's Episcopal Church is seeking a highly-reliable, energetic, and experienced youth leader with excellent communications skills. This person must have a dynamic faith life of their own, and create and maintain a youth ministry that is fun, facilitates spiritual depth, and invites youth into community.  Here is the link to the full job description.  Send a resume to Katherine Bender.



Our large, downtown, progressive United Methodist church in Bloomington, Indiana is seeking an enthusiastic, Christ-centered, delegating leader to direct our growing ministry to children and families.


The candidate would be responsible for the direction, leadership, and growth of the program.  They will collaborate with church staff and direct a large amount of adult volunteers to create a comprehensive and diverse faith-based program for children and families at our two worship locations.  Candidates should have knowledge of United Methodist theology, as well as experience building leadership teams.


Please visit for full job description and details on how to apply.


Family Ministries Coordinator


Otterbein United Methodist Church

Lebanon, IN



As a community of faith, Otterbein UMC has been located in south Lebanon for over 125 years. At Otterbein UMC, we seek to develop and lead Christ-like lives that invite others to grow in their journeys with God. We are called to make Disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. 



Otterbein is looking for a leader to coordinate and organize our youth, children and families ministries. In the past, these have been separate, volunteer-led ministries, but we would like a capable leader who can bring focus and consistency to our efforts, expanding the reach of the ministries, providing direction, and helping those involved to reach greater fruitfulness.



·         LEAD

o   Youth Fellowship Time

o   Occasional acolyte training

o   Assisting the Senior Pastor in confirmation training


o   Children’s church during sermon portion of worship service

o   Adult Programming to support family discipleship

o   Summer Vacation Bible School


o   Sunday School

o   Crib Room

o   Children’s messages

o   Other family ministry events




·         12 hours per week (1/4 time)


·         Primary responsibilities on Sunday morning and weekday evenings




·         Prior experience and Bachelor’s degree preferred



·         June 2017


Interested candidates should send a cover letter and résumé to

Thank you for your help,


Susan Jones

Chairperson for the Staff Parish Relations Committee for Lebanon Otterbein UMC



Fairlawn Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Indiana is searching for a full time “solo pastor/teaching elder”. While open to newly ordained pastors, we feel that one who also has previous life experiences (maybe ministry as a 2nd career), would be best-suited to strongly support the missions that our church has identified.

Our Ministry Information Form is posted on the appropriate pcusa website (, and we invite all to visit and those who are suited to answer the call with submission of their Personal Information Form.

Thank You!

Pastoral Nominating Committee

Fairlawn Presbyterian Church




Korean First Presbyterian Church of Indiana

4040 West 146th Street

Westfield, IN 46074




Youth Ministries                    


STATUS: Part-time, Salaried


HOURS: 1 Hours per week preach on Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm


General Purpose of Position:

Korean First Presbyterian Church of Indiana (KFPCI) seeks to fill a part-time position responsible for overseeing all aspects of student ministries Grade 7 – High School. The candidate will be primarily responsible for high school programs (7-12).



The youth ministry must have a love for God, a love for teenagers and a pastoral heart to see them grow in their relationship with Christ. In addition, the following are required

General Qualifications

Meeting the 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5 qualifications for church leaders.

Strong teacher with a love for God’s word.

Self-starter and able to work without direct supervision.



Salary will be commensurate with training and experience


Contact Information

 If you are interested please send your resume and other information to or please call me 317-946-8378.



Central Indiana Teen Challenge                 





April 14, 2017



To Whom it may concern,


Teen Challenge is a faith-based, non-profit residential facility for adolescent girls ages 13-17.  The students come to us usually due to having issues with drug/alcohol abuse, self-harm, and/or other at risk behaviors.  The normal length of the program is 12-15 months.  During their time here they are exposed to daily routine and structure along with monitored schooling, chores, counseling, and much more.


We are always in need of extra supervision and would therefore like to extend an invitation to your students and/or grads to intern or apply for a position here.  Interns would get hands on experience of direct care in a residential facility and be a support to the staff on duty.  The Intern would assist with supervision of the residents as well as monitor the residents on and off campus, assist with transportation, and assist with providing a safe environment for all consumers.


We also have a “live-in direct care staff” position that requires a one year commitment.  This would be a paid position with room and board, meals and utilities provided for.  The live in staff have the responsibility to monitor, redirect behaviors as needed, oversee the resident’s daily routine and support the residents as they work toward their short term and long term goals.  


These positions, both intern and paid staff will find their time here to be meaningful, rewarding and educational.  Thank you for your consideration.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. 




My signature_0.jpg

Ruth Brown

765.482.2336  ext. 102

P.O. Box 564, Lebanon   IN   46052                                                                                                   




Director of Religious Life and College Chaplain

Franklin College, a residential, traditional undergraduate college, is seeking a Director of Religious Life and

College Chaplain. The successful candidate will provide spiritual care and foster faith development for a multifaith

college community, teaching skills for healthy faith and spiritual development, religious and interreligious

leadership, and religious literacy. This is a 12-month, full-time exempt position reporting to the Vice President

for Student Affairs.

Essential Functions:

?hCoordinate and lead weekly, or more frequent, ecumenical Christian worship services, particularly

attending to cultural relevance, embodied worship, and student involvement and leadership

?hEngage in active ministry with religiously unaffiliated students and provide opportunities for their

spiritual growth

?hBecome familiar with local religious communities and make appropriate connections for students and

staff who are members of religious minority groups

?hProvide appropriate, ethical spiritual care and counseling to students, faculty, and staff from a variety of

faith and non-faith backgrounds

?hProvide service learning experiences and other programs that focus on spiritual growth and introducing

students to the diversity of American religious practice

?hProvide assistance and guidance to on-campus religious organizations and their advisors

?hProvide consultation to all college personnel on matters of religious diversity and inclusivity

?hChair the college’s Convocation Committee, which is responsible for planning a yearly academic lecture


?hAssist college offices in creating and maintaining relationships with religious communities

?hParticipate in meetings, programs and events of the Division of Student Affairs

Secondary Functions:

?hProvide leadership as needed in coordination and execution of academic ceremonies (Baccalau